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Monday, February 23, 2015

Mississippi Medallion Plants for 2015

It seem as if spring is never going to get here, but before you know it . . . Bam! . . . it will arrive.  When the weather gets a little warmer, everyone will be itching to plant something.  Consider incorporating some of the 2015 Mississippi Medallion plants into your landscape.

The Mississippi Medallion Plants program has announced its winners for 2015 and you will want to incorporate them into your landscape. The Mississippi Nursery and Landscape Association established the Mississippi Medallion program in 1996 to increase awareness of plant materials and to promote sales and production of ornamental plants in the state. The Mississippi Medallion program focuses on plants adapted to the environment in Mississippi to benefit both consumers and the green industry.

'Suburban Nancy Gayle' daylily
‘Suburban Nancy Gayle’ daylily was developed by Mr. Earl Watts of Suburban Daylilies in Hattiesburg. It has big red flowers with yellow throats. These plants have been growing in trial beds across Mississippi and are very impressive with their flowering performance. The ‘Suburban Nancy Gayle’ is an evergreen standing at a height of 29” with a 6.0” bloom.  This daylily also appears to be resistant to daylily rust. It won the popularity Poll for Region 14 (Mississippi and Alabama) of the American Hemerocallis Society in 2012 and 2013. These plants start flowering in mid-May.

'Delta Jazz' crapemyrtle
‘Delta Jazz’ is a new crapemyrtle that was developed by Mississippi State University at the South Mississippi Branch Research Station. It has unusual foliage that emerges a rich, raspberry-maroon color and then matures into a dark-mahogany brown. This foliage color accents 8-inch panicles of medium-pink flowers in the late summer.

‘Delta Jazz’ is moderate to fast growing and can be planted as a tree or trained to a shrub form. As an adult, the tree can grow between 6 – 10 feet tall and 4 – 5 feet wide.

'Top Pot' Scaevola.
 ‘Top Pot’ scaevola is an herbaceous flowering plant with a sprawling growth habit that spreads out to 2 feet in diameter. Its foliage has the appearance of being succulent, with coarse-toothed margins. The 1-inch-wide, fan-shaped flowers appear in mass and flower freely from spring through summer and most of fall.  Flower color is violet-blue, pink, or white. Scaevola blooms until freezing weather occurs.

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